About The Tapp Brothers

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Tapp BrothersHey Tapp Brothers here,

This is for those of you who want to know a little more about us and our site.

We are the Tapp Brothers (Identical twin brothers, Jonathan and Thomas Tapp). Over the years we have participated and been trained in many different sports and disciplines.

In school we ran track and cross-country. We broke a lot of school records and took our cross country team to regionals every year we ran. Our main sport was soccer. We were able to excel very quickly and play for one of the top club teams in the nation (the Dallas Texans). One of our ex teammates, Omar Gonzales, plays pro for the LA Galaxy along side of David Beckham.

We’ve also been training parkour and freerunning for quite a while now, since 2004. Through parkour and freerunning, we have been fortunate enough to do a lot of awesome things.

Perform in National and International commercials, teach PK/FR workshops around the state we reside, perform in live shows for some of the biggest companies in the world, worked on testing and product development for a new board, competed in the first Red Bull AOM competition in the U.S., done some motion capture work, and even joined a circus for a little while.

Now My brother and I don’t claim to be total experts. We don’t have any college degrees or formal education in physical fitness but we have been fortunate enough to be trained by some of the top coaches and pick up training methods from some of the top athletes from around the world! Training techniques that enabled us to excel rapidly in most sports or physical challenges we encounter.

That’sĀ  why we made this site TappBrothers.com. We want to show you what we have learned over the years of training in various sports and disciplines and share with you all of our experiences.

In our Get Fit Challenge, you spend 30 days getting in the best shape of your life. We show you the correct training and diet techniques to work with your unique body type and achieve the results you want. Plus last challenges winner won $500! To see what other people had to say about the challenge and sign up for the next one [Click HERE]

In our Learn Parkour section, we send you to our site www.learnmoreparkour.com which we created specifically for people just getting started into parkour! There you can sign up for a 5 day free online parkour training course and search through the site for free tutorials or full programs over how to get your backflip, how to do the human flag, and our crash course program over parkour.

In our videos and pictures section you can see all of our pictures, action showreels, commercials, interviews, and fun videos!

In our blog we post up what’s going on in the life of the Bothers Tapp, ha hopefully you’ll find at least some of it semi interesting!

So our goal with this site is to provide you with high quality contentĀ  help you reach the next level with your fitness goals, and share our life along the way!


Jonathan and Thomas Tapp