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Inside Double Your Flexibility You Will Get...


Breakdown Of The 4 Key Stretches Strategies
These are the 4 types of stretches you must be using to get flexible fast.


Isometric Stretch Session
These stretches will be the holy grail of the program and get you rapidĀ gains in flexibility. 10 min. follow along routine.


Dynamic Stretch Session
These stretches will maximize your joint strength & muscle control. Great to use as a warm up. 15 min. follow along routine.


Static Stretch Session
These stretches serve to keep & maintain your flexibility gains. 15 min. follow along routine.


Express Stretch Session
6 stretches to hit the biggest flexibility problem spots. 1-10 minute quick session when you are pushed for time!


Stretch Guide & Training Schedule
8 week stretching schedule that will layout each session to maximize your flexibility gains.


1 BIG Mistake You Must Avoid
This silent flexibility KILLER may be exactly whats preventing you from getting flexible.

  • Breakdown of the 4 key stretch strategies to maximize flexibility...
  • 8 weeks of powerful flexibility sessions. Each session 6-15 minutes in length...
  • Try the course risk free for 60 days with a full money back guarantee...

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